Backpacking for exercise and fun!


There are so many reasons to try backpacking from meeting like-minded people along the trail, to enjoying the outdoor views, to spending the day in reflective solitude.  Here at Fireside Camping  we want to help make your backpacking experience a good one, which is why we offer a quality filled collection of backpacking products. 

We offer a great variety of compasses in many sizes to help you find the best way to get where you want to be.   Our M-9 Recreational compass is worn like a wrist watch, so it with you all the time, no more digging through your backpack looking for your compass.    With this reliable compass, you feel confident whether in town or in the woods. 

Fireside Camping also offers a good selection of headlamps, ideal of lower light situations.    Battery operated, these headlamps are designed to be durable, and will provide quality lighting on any trail.  We also carry a variety of hiking sticks that will enhance your stability and provide support on all types of terrain.    Let one of our walking sticks help distribute your energy usage in a way that can help your hiking endurance.

The main tool required for an enjoyable hike is a durable, quality made backpack and we offer a large variety to choose from in many different sizes and shapes.  Check out the Evac Rocket, Urban Sling Pack for your next expedition.   This slim shaped, large volume backpack will hold bulkier items with ease.    Our Solitude Plus Day Pack boasts plenty of storage to organize all of your gear.    Make the most of your next backpacking trip with quality supplies from Fireside Camping!