Four Person Tents

Four Person Tents

Four Person Tents for comfortable camping!


 Fireside Camping offers a variety of Four Person Tents that are ideal for a small family.   If this is your first camping trip, you want to be comfortable, and one of our spacious four person tents is perfect for the first time camper.  Quality built, durable and inexpensive, this is a great way to develop a long love of camping.

Most four person tents are designed with various features and it’s important for you to decide which features are important for your needs.   The Lynx is a high quality backpacking tent that is filled with extras including two doors for increased ventilation and two vestibules which will provide additional for gear storage.    

 Fireside Camping also invites you to check out the Taurus, a terrific mountaineering tent that you can always rely on.  Easy to assemble, with extra-large zippers on the doors, and two vestibules for gear storage along with extra weather protection, this is a must have for any serious camper.  All of our four person tents will provide protection from the harsh weather, and keep your family cozy and safe.



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