Game Cameras

Game Cameras

At Fireside Camping we use our cameras to keep a eye on things when we cant.  Game Cameras are great for scoping out that big buck or just seeing what kind of game you have on your property. If your trying to discover what critter is digging up your garden or just want to see candid wildlife pictures, a game camera is the way to go. 

We offer cameras that offer smart photo technology, which allows the game camera to analyze movements and capture better photos and videos.  If you are looking for a game camera that offers ease of use, the Covert Scouting Cameras MPE6, it offers pre-set functions so that changes can be mage easily in the field.

They are also a lot of fun to get the kids involved.  Letting them help you set up the game camera and then looking at the pictures together is very educational and good quality time together.

Also check out or Hunting Chairs.

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